AirROC D45 SH: Semi-pneumatic hydraulic rig


Features & benefits

  • Hydraulic tramming, positioning and feeding system
  • Equipped with hydraulic DCT system, making it environmental friendly
  • Heavy feed and rotation unit for any hard condition

The semi-hydraulic down-the-hole drill rig AirROC D45 SH provides higher performance and lower fuel consumption compared to pure pneumatic crawlers, thanks to a dedicated, self-contained diesel engine for the hydraulic system. It is ideal for construction, quarries and mining applications. The ergonomic design with dual control station for easy drilling and tramming makes it very operator friendly. Operated by a portable, single stage high-pressure compressor, the heavy feed and rotation unit is designed for any ground condition.

Drilling method
Drilling method DTH
Air capacity (FAD)
Hole diameter 92 – 127 mm
Product series AirROC
Cabin (Y/N) No