Rotary drilling tools

Rotary drilling tools

Sub adapters

Features & benefits

  • Available in various sizes and all required thread connections.

The Secoroc Duralloy™ bit sub adaptors are used when adapting from one thread to another (drill pipe to drill bit); when coupling drill pipes having the same connections on both ends; or as thread savers.
Team rotary subs are manufactured from various application-specific, premium quality alloy steels.

To connect the Tricone drill bit to the drill pipe, in primarily softer rock formations that are dipped or result in sloughing the Secoroc EZ-Drill™ roller stabilizer is the ideal solution.

Rotary drill pipes

Features & benefits

  • Reliable and endurable
  • Premium quality

Teamalloy™ is a unique, proprietary specification alloy tubing used in manufacture of premium drill pipes for blast hole drilling applications. Atlas Copco drill pipe bodies are manufactured from premium quality, heat-treated seamless Teamalloy™ tubing or Teamsteel™ pipe.
Atlas Copco stems are straight, rugged and thoroughly reliable. Every drill pipe is carefully inspected during each manufacturing process, and then again before it leaves the shop. Each drill pipe’s manufacturing process i documented and certified (being traceable through our serial number system).

Rotary bits

Features & benefits

  • The markets’ most complete and productive range of Tricone bits

To develop our time tested products further, major manufacturing facility investments in plant, equipment and research and development have been made in the Secoroc Tricone bit product offering. Add to that the concept of “Lean” and “Flow” orientated manufacturing techniques and the end result is MAGNT and HDNT. NT means manufacturing bits using new state of the art machine tools with an obsessive dedication to quality, the elimination of waste and maximum throughput efficiency.

The Secoroc epsilon line of Tricone bits, now regarded as the ultimate blasthole bit solution, are designed specifically for each application.

Rotary accessories

Features & benefits

  • Premium accessories specially designed for demanding applications

When this manufacturing strength is added to the industry-leading Atlas Copco drill rigs and Tricone bits, the result is a complete and reliable rotary drilling system backed by proven service. The quality and performance of these rotary drilling products not only set new production standards, but are the most cost-effective in the
For customers of their industry-leading rotary drill products, Atlas Copco also offers the market’s most extensive and comprehensive support services, including regularly scheduled, on-site assistance.
All this to help today’s mining and construction drillers face and overcome increasingly competitive global challenges that are complicated by constantly changing requirements.

Deck bushings

Features & benefits

  • Longer service life
  • The market’s most cost-effective products

Our repairable Centeroll™ roller deck bushing is designed and manufactured by incorporating several innovations that result in the Centeroll™ being the most cost-effective roller deck bushing in the industry. New features include alloy outer housing for longer wear life, simple replacement of inner rotating sleeve, fully heat-treated inner rotating sleeve and repairable for economical secondary life.