Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves – Integrally-moulded

  • Longer Life
  • Tight Sealing, and Consistent Low Torque
  • Assured Shaft Sealing
  • Lower Resistance to Flow – Disc design
  • Ease of Installation
  • One-piece blowout-proof Shaft
  • Reliable Drive

Aquaseal Integrally-moulded Butterfly Valve is available in various sizes from in PN 10 pressure rating.

The valve was developed to provide reliable sealing in water and air lines, and is today the industry benchmark.

The most striking feature of Aquaseal Butterfly Valve is its integrally-moulded body liner. Aquaseal’s elastomer body seat is vulcanised insitu onto the body using high temperature and pressure, and this provides longer life and superior performance when compared to valves with loose liners.

Aquaseal requires no maintenance, and is truly a fit-and-forget valve.

Fabricated Steel

  • Self-energising Disc Seal
  • Lighter and Stronger Construction
  • Assured Sealing to Atmosphere
  • Lower Torque, Longer Life
  • Maintenance-free Bearings

Aquaseal Max is a fabricated steel butterfly valve developed as an ideal alternate for cast iron butterfly and sluice valves in water distribution systems. The highly reliable valve also finds application in power plants, utility and fire water lines, and HVAC systems. Customised Aquaseal Max can be used to handle air, gases and vacuum services. The valve has successfully under gone Proof of Design (POD) test as per AWWA C 504 and AWWA C 516.