Gate, Globe & Check Valves

Gate, Globe & Check Valves

Process Ball Valves


  • Mirror-finished solid ball.
  • Fine-grained PTFE seats.
  • Fire-safe.
  • Cavity Pressure Relief mechanism.
  • Blowout-proof stem.
  • Leak-tight stem sealing.
  • Antistatic feature.

L&T Valves manufactures a wide range of soft-seated Process Ball Valves.

The valves are of floating-ball design where the ball moves towards the downstream seat, under pressure, to effect a tight seal.

The valves are available in sizes up to 12 inches and ASME classes up to 600.The valves are available in three-piece, two-piece and single-piece construction, in full-bore and reduced bore in a variety of materials.

Gate, Globe & Check Valves


  • Body and Bonnet – Cast with uniform sections, precision machined.
  • Body: Permits full swing of disc on downstream side – Lower flow resistance and disc erosion.
  • Disc: Internally-hinged – No opening on the body, higher integrity.
  • Disc secured to hinge using lock nut and pin.
  • Disc free to rotate to avoid localized wear.

L&T Valves manufactures a wide variety of Gate, Globe & Check Valves in bolted-bonnet design.

The valves are approved by the global majors in oil & gas and power and have a reputation for reliable performance in critical services, across the globe.

Valves in bolted bonnet construction are available in pressure classes from 150 to 2500, in a variety of materials and end-connections.