Cemag 403 agigator: Agitator with medium volume


Features & benefits

Atlas Copco Cemag agitators serves as intermediate vessel between the mixer and the pump and it ensures that grout is always kept for the operation when grouting and mixing is being carried out simultaneously.

Also Cemag creates quality grouting, by means of counter currents in the agitatorĀ“s vessel, which keep the mixture in suspension and release air bubbles.

Technical description

160 gallons / 400 litres

Rotation speed of mixer shaft
60 – 70 rpm

The CEMAG agitator with its sloping bottom and inclined agitator shaft, creates the important counter
currents which keep the quality of the grout for a long time.
CEMAG can be delivered in four different sizes of containers: CEMAG 202, 402, 802 and 1602 for a
volume of 200, 400, 800 and 1600 litres respectively.The CEMAG is powered by an electric, hydraulic or
air prime mover.