DC 600: Drum Cutter attachment for carriers from 8-15 t weight


Features & benefits

  • High torque gear motor for high productivity and motor lifetime
  • Cutter drum with optimized pick pattern for higher productivity
  • Robust housing design with HARDOX wear protection for higher uptime
  • High load resistant output shaft bearing system with lubrication-free slide ring seal system
  • Sturdy spur gears for optimum energy transmission and minimum service
  • Mechanical 360 degrees rotatable upper part for easy positioning

Our Drum Cutters are an excellent choice for rock or concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, frozen soil excavation, soft rock excavation in quarries, demolition and dredging. They make a quick job out of material up to 100 Mpa. Drum Cutters can be used underwater to a depth of 20 m without additional installation. Due to small grain sizes, cut rock or concrete can be used as backfill material wtihout additional crushing. Low noise and vibration levels make our Drum Cutters suitable for use on restricted jobsites and in sensitive urban areas.

Technical Specifications
Carrier weight class 8 – 15 t
Service weight 600 kg
Nominal power 45 kW
Total length 965 mm
Total width cutting head 680 mm
Diameter of cutter drum 450 mm
Oil flow rage 75 – 125 l/min
Max. operating pressure 350 bar
Rotational speed 80 – 135 rpm
Pick speed 1.7 – 2.8 m/s
Number of picks 44 pc
Max. cutting force @ 350 bar 26 kN
Max. torque @ 350 bar 5.2 kNm
Max. rock hardness 40 MPa