Diamondback 40k: Diamondback 40k


Features & benefits

Modular Concept

The Diamondback’s modular approach ensures the rig is easily adaptable to change even after the customer has taken delivery of the unit. The rig has a plug-and-play feel to it meaning the customer can easily add or remove components as desired. This feature allows the customer to purchase kits after the rig has been purchased.

Two Tower Lengths

Depending on your preference and application, we offer two tower lengths: a 34 ft tower and the longer 38 ft tower which will accommodate a casing hammer

Rod Handling

We have a number of different rod handling solutions to suit our customer’s requirements whether it is a single rod loading system, swing in/swing out carousel or our hands-free rod handlers we can cater for all requirements.


Made from a steel construction with FRP non-slip decking, these catwalks enable easy access from the driller’s platform down either side of the rig.

Dump Angle Mast

The Diamondback comes with dump angle mast capability, allowing the tower to be angled up to 45o. This feature can also be used to slide the tower up and down in the vertical position to either change the table height or lift the table out of the way for better clearance under the table for welding or setting a diverter.

Pre-Plumbed and Wired

Whether you buy the option from Atlas Copco or bolt it on afterwards, we have made life easier by providing the hydraulic hoses and electrical connections for all standard options in the base of the rig. This gives you the opportunity to add additional components at a later date or configure the rig how you like it.

FRP Decking

We have replaced the traditional steel deck with FRP grating. This material is not only robust and has significant weight savings over steel, but it also gives the advantage of lending itself to bolting components to the deck without the need for drilling or welding.

For over 100 years, Atlas Copco drills have had a major impact on the drilling community worldwide and have set the standard for quality, longevity, reliability, and performance. The new Atlas Copco Diamondback with inclined drilling capability of 90 to 45 degrees offers drillers precisely the rig they need with shortened lead time. The rig’s bolt-on modular components – a new concept in rig design – make it the first truly multipurpose rig in the world, enabling drillers to respond quickly to rapid, after-sale changes in market opportunities.

Technical Specifications
Compressor pressure 24.1 bar
Compressor flow 505 l/s
Pullback 18144 kg
Tower Length 10.55 – 11.76 m