DM: Oil-less reciprocating trunk-piston compressors, up to 351 bar (a) (5090 psia), 30 kW.


Customer benefits

  • High degree of safety – Its revolutionary “oil-less” technology guarantees that oil does not contaminate the gas. Its hermetically sealed crankcase ensures no emission of gases to the atmosphere, even gases with a low molecular weight.
  • High reliability – Low compression ratios in the individual stages result in low thermal load and high reliability. The Scotch yoke principle means balanced forces and minimal vibration.
  • Easy installation – Very compact, frame-mounted and incorporating anti-vibration pads, DM compressors come as complete all-in packages with a small footprint and are simple to install without the need for complex piping arrangements.
  • Low cost of ownership due to no water consumption and high efficiency.
  • Low maintenance – An advanced maintenance concept ensures short downtimes.
  • A wide array of solutions – DM compressors are available for inlet pressures of 1 to 40 bars, and 2 to 5 stage configurations. They are suitable for diverse applications such as CNG refueling stations and gas applications (e.g. Ex-zone 2 or optionally Ex-zone 1).

Atlas Copco’s DM oil less reciprocating compressors will meet your needs for high pressure compression up to 351 bar(a). Compact, with very low vibration levels and a sealed crankcase, DM compressors are ideal for the compression of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) and hydrogen. DM compressors are dedicated to the European market.

Technical Specifications
Capacity FAD (l/s) 7.5 – 61.4 l/s
Working pressure 1 – 350 bar(e)
Installed motor power 30 kW
Capacity 27 – 203 Nm³/h
Inlet pressure 1 – 40 bar
Gases handled natural gas for vehicles (NGV), hydrogen