DP 2000: Hydraulic demolition pulverizer for carriers from 18 up to27 t weight


Features & benefits

  • 360 degrees hydraulic rotation
  • Short opening and closing times
  • Replaceable blades, teeth and tooth plates

Atlas Copco┬┤s demolition pulverizers, although conceived first and foremost for primary demolition of concrete and rebar, ideally combine the charateristics of a demolition attachment with an excavated material pulverizer. The universal use of the DP demolition pulverizer for concrete pulverization in both primary and secondary demolition reduces both investment and operation costs.

Technical Specifications
Carrier weight class 18 – 27 t
Service weight ** 2070 kg
Oil flow 150 – 250 l/min
Max. cutting force 265 t
Crushing force, jaw tip 85 t
Operating pressure 350 bar
Closing cycle 4 Seconds
Opening cycle 4 Seconds
Oil flow, rotation 35 – 50 l/min
Max operating pressure, rotation 170 bar
Jaw width 460 mm
Jaw opening, max 780 mm
Jaw depth 650 mm
Blade length 190 mm