DX/DN: Oil-free reciprocating piston booster, 37-315 kW / 54-422 hp.


Customer benefits

  • Certified 100% oil-free – DX/DN boosters add no oil to your process. If the air or nitrogen entering the booster complies with ISO 8573-1 class 0 certification (2010), then the air or nitrogen will comply with class 0 at the outlet. CLASS 0 means zero risk of contamination; zero risk of damaged or unsafe products; zero risk of losses from operational downtime; and zero risk of damaging your company’s hard-won professional reputation.
  • Nitrogen-ready – We adapt the piston rings and packing rings to nitrogen composition, dew point and purity. We supply DX/DN with or without a canopy (gas detection).
  • Energy savings – DX/DN boosters with two compression stages are also available in Variable Speed Drive versions, allowing for 35% energy savings due to:
    – Unload losses are reduced to a minimum
    – Load/no load transition losses are eliminated
    – Precise pressure control allows a tighter pressure band and a lower average working pressure, resulting in reduced energy consumption.
  • Use your energy twice – Compression creates heat that is normally wasted in coolers. Energy recovery systems enable the recovery of most of the heat. The heat is directly usable as a source of energy in the form of hot water. The hot water can be used for showers, space heating, steam boilers, processes etc…
  • Easy installation – Fitted on a concrete base-plate, the DX/DN booster comes as an all-in-one package. The compact design eliminates the need for extras and accelerates installation, saving you time and money.
  • Advanced control and monitoring – The Elektronikon ® Unit Controller collects and analyzes local data then adjusts equipment operation to improve performance. The Unit Controller is designed to ensure increased safety for you, your product, and your process. To better adapt our product to meet your specific needs, many different remote control and notification functions are included as a standard.

Atlas Copco’s DX/DN oil-free reciprocating booster is the alliance of an extremely robust design with the best of technology in terms of packaging and equipment. DX/DN is your best partner in air and nitrogen compression to 46 bar/667 Psig. Available as a mono-stage or two-stage machine, it perfectly suits a wide variety of requirements in terms of flow and pressures. You will appreciate its canopy for its silencing properties and you will easily adopt the concrete frame that makes installation so easy.

Technical Specifications
Installed motor power 37 – 315 kW
Working pressure / 2 compression stages 25 – 41 bar(e)
Working pressure/1 compression stage 3.6 – 46 bar(e)
Inlet pressure/2 compression stages 5.5 – 9.7 bar(e)
Inlet pressure/1 compression stage 3 – 39 bar(e)
Pressure Ratio Mini/Maxi 1.2 – 4 min
Outlet Flow/2 compression stages 350 – 3700 Nm³/h
Outlet Flow/1 compression stage 125 – 19000 Nm³/h
Gases handled air,nitrogen