Engine oil filter: Genuine Parts


Features & benefits

  • High performance paper.
    – resistant to synthetic compressor oil.
    – high filter fineness.
    – temperature resistant.
  • Bypass valve to guarantee continuous oil flow under cold start conditions or when the filter is clogged.
  • Corrosion resistant material corrosion reduces drastically the life time of the compressor oil.
  • High dirt holding capacity service life up to 1000 Hrs.
  • Build to withstand high operating pressures.
  • Uniform paper pleat spacing.
    – most effective filtering area.
    – high mechanical strength of the paper to withstand pressure fluctuations.
    – high performance paper.

Only Genuine parts stand for quality. Non-genuine filters are readily available, but few will meet the original specifications set out by the engine manufacturer. Superior oil, fuel and air filter units can have serious deficiencies, such as poor sealing between the filter body and engine, sub standard adhesives securing the paper element inside the filter and lower separation efficiency.