Essential Tips to maintain air compressor during summers


Summer has arrived and that too in full intensity. As peak summer heat is considerable dangerous for human body, same goes with the air compressors. The high ambient heat, if not managed properly can cause severe repercussion to the air compressor and may lead to high production loss and downtime. It also makes your air compressor less efficient and results in high power cost.

Here are the few essential tips from the Atlas Copco service experts to maintain compressed air system in the summer season and to safegaurd from the losses.

The first and foremost activity which is recommended at all seasons is daily inspection of compressors which mainly includes checking of oil level, air filter, leakages, noise, etc followed by close monitoring of the compressor parameters from controller/Elektronikon. These parameters can be recorded by remote monitoring tools like SMARTLinkas this will help you to understand the performance of the machine and accordingly necessary preventive action can be taken.

  • Clean Cooler – Blocked or clogged coolers can cause an air compressor to overheat on hot summer days. Hence, ensure coolers are properly cleaned before the peak heat hits the compressors.
  • Check Drains – Higher humidity in the summer causes more condensate to come out of drains. Be sure drains are in perfect working order so they can handle the extra flows.
  • Clean Air and Oil Filters – Dirty filters lead to pressure drops, but clean filters will reduce energy consumption. So, ensure to clean or replace compressor air and oil filters. 
  • Check Compressor Oil – High ambient heat can decrease oil life expectancy. Using the genuine oil & oil filter and following the recommended oil change intervals will ensure that your compressors runs cool and consume less energy.
  • Check Ventilation – Proper ventilation of air compressor room is important to route hot air out of the compressor room using ducts and vents.
  • Adjust Water Cooling Systems – With water-cooled compressors, adjust the temperature & flow of water entering the compressor to ensure that it is cool enough for summer conditions.

As always, consult a compressed air specialist for recommendations specific to your facility’s processes.