HM 1500 F: Hydraulic Hydro Magnet with fixed magnet for carriers from 12-30 t weight


Features & benefits

  • High utilization of carriers
  • Increasing profit by maximum use of steel debis
  • Less damages of equipment on a clean jobsite
  • Just plug the magnet to the existing shear or grapple installation and start earning money with it
  • Quick and powerful demagnetisation
  • Low maintenance

By sorting and collecting scrap from demolition sites using the Hydro Magnet, you´ll be able to brecome more profitable and maintain a safe and healthy workign environment. The magnet is a complementary attachment to the already existing attachment range, which will increase the utilization of the carrier.

Technical Specifications
Carrier weight class 12 – 30 t
Service weight ** 1360 kg
Oil flow 140 – 250 l/min
Magnet 8 MP
Operating pressure 120 – 350 bar
Return pressure (bar, max) 20 bar
Magnet plate diameter 1060 mm
Magnet plate thickness 280 mm
Magnet plate weight 780 kg
Load capacity skelp block 5750 kg
Load capacity iron ball 2600 kg
Load capacity Scrap 3A (2,2-2,5 T/m2) 255 kg
Load capacity Scrap 24 (1,0-2,0 T/m2) 240 kg
Load capacity Scrap 40 (0,8-1,0 T/m2) 120 kg
Load capacity Pig iron 280 kg