INTERMECH BBR / FBR / VIP: Oil-lubricated high-pressure reciprocating piston compressors, up to 310 bar (4500 psi), up to 450 kW.


Customer benefits

  • Energy savings – the pressurized crankcase result in zero gas leakage. Prevent up to as much as 6 % of gas compressed from being vented to the atmosphere. The payback on account of this can recover the complete cost of the compressor in a few months. Direct drive eliminates belt drive and the corresponding transmission losses. The highly efficient block and generously sized piping and heat exchangers reduce pressure drop bringing down the power costs and operating expenses.
  • High reliability – Low piston speed and low inter stage temperatures preserve the inner parts of the machines. The horizontal design ensures a low vibration/pulsation level for increased reliability.
  • Safety – These machines refer to the latest standards and are designed for zoned area application using explosion proof motors and suitable instruments. The state of the art PLC based system monitors overall system performance through service indications, malfunctions alarms and safety shutdowns ensuring safe operation. All machines are tested in the factory using natural gas ensuring complete safe operation at the customer’s site.

Atlas Copco high pressure BBR/ FBR reciprocating CNG compressors are built to be reliable and energy efficient with no compromise on safety. With their pressurized crankcase resulting in no loss of methane to the atmosphere, these direct driven machines find wide spread use in the demanding application of NGV stations. These air cooled compressors with motor or gas engine drive produce cool dense gas filling more standard cubic meter of gas into each vehicle or trailer. Along with the complementary CNG accessories it is a single stop solution for the NGV station owners.

Technical Specifications
Capacity 450 – 7000 Sm3/hr
Working pressure 150 – 310 bar
Suction pressure range 0.5 – 70 bar(g)
Installed driver power 55 – 450 kW