Medium portable air compressor range 16.9-22.2m³/min: 8.6-14bar – XA(M,T,H,V)S 367-287 Md


Customer benefits

  • Easy to maneuver & transport – thanks to its relatively small size, the range can be towed behind a car and is easy to maneuver both on and off site.
  • Full shift fuel autonomy – Being compliant with the stated emission regulations, this range is specially designed to run a full shift without the need to refuel.
  • Easy to operate – the controller is designed to ensure an easy operation of the units, taking away all operational barriers.
  • Fits your needs – specifically build to perform optimally in the applications it is intended for.

The XA(T,H,V)S 367-287 Md medium portable compressors are relatively small and light weight, allowing your operators to move to the next work point easily and quickly without the need for supplementary moving equipment. Driven by a Stage IV MTU engine, this range is perfectly tailored to fit the applications it is intended for. Compliant with the latest emission regulations, these units are greener than ever.


Technical Specifications
Normal effective working pressure 8.6 – 14 bar
Air flow (FAD) 282 – 370 l/s
Air flow (FAD) 16.9 – 22.2 m³/min
Sound power level 72 – 99 dB(A)
Engine MTU
Weight 3500 kg
Length 5650 mm
Height 2057 mm
Width 1736 mm