Medium portable air compressor range: 8,7-11,3m³/min: 7-14bar – XA(T,H,V)S 146-186 Dd


Customer benefits

  • Wide range of applications – this versatile range can power various pneumatic tools, can be used for small drilling and quarry operations or even for sandblasting projects.
  • Large set of options – to make sure these compressors fit your application(s), we have a full set of options available.
  • Low fuel consumption – combining an Atlas Copco screw element with a Deutz diesel engine, this range is a true fuel-saver.
  • Greener than ever – driven by the latest Stage IIIB engine, the range is compliant with the latest emission regulations.
  • Easy to transport – thanks to the range’s low weight, the compressors can be towed behind your car.

These versatile yet compact XA(T,H,V)S 146-186 Dd Stage IIIB portable air compressors are specially designed to perform in any given condition or environment. They are totally at home in the renovation and quarry industries and they are ideal for sandblasting applications. The range combines light weight with small dimensions, making it easy to maneuver on site. Powered by an ultra-efficient Deutz engine, these portable air compressors give you a reliable source of compressed air for your applications, or for combinations of your pneumatic tools such as rock drills and hammers.Together with its user friendly controller, these compressors are all about serving your needs.


Technical Specifications
Normal effective working pressure 7 – 14 bar
Air flow (FAD) 145 – 188 l/s
Air flow (FAD) 8.7 – 11.3 m³/min
Sound power level 71 – 99 dB(A)
Engine DEUTZ
Weight 1900 – 4410 kg
Length 3941 – 4356 mm
Width 1701 mm
Height 1774 mm