PAROIL M: Normal


Features & benefits

  • Excellent oxidation resistance.
  • Excellent water separation.
  • Excellent seal and paint compatibility.
  • Balanced composition on antifoam and air release.
  • Top protection against wear.

Put top quality oil in to get the best out of your compressors PAROIL M is a mineral based, premium quality oil with a high viscosity index and additives which provide the superior anti-wear and film strength and other performance characteristics necessary for the most critical applications. Atlas Copco Paroil M is purpose developed to provide high levels of performance and protection for single stage compressors in low-pressure applications working in standard ambient temperatures between -10° and +35° C. Extensive laboratory and field endurance tests on Atlas Copco equipment have proven PAROIL M to match all demands in varied conditions. This is critical for reliability and reduces the operating costs throughout the life time of the compressor. PAROIL M meets stringent quality control specifications to ensure your equipment will run smoothly and reliably.