PP100: Electric Power Pack, for hydraulic rock drill system HRD100


Features & benefits

  • Power on demand
  • Overheat protection
  • Easy to transport
  • Stackable

The stackable PP100 power pack basically manages itself. Smart functions monitor oil flow and oil temperature. Water-cooling and automatic overheat protection means safety and reliability are at its core.The system also monitors oil volume and compensates for pressure differences. That allows you to work with the PP100 at a 45° angle, without power loss. Simple tools make it easy to top-up hydraulic oil in the mine.

Technical Specifications
Size: L x W x H 695 x 402 x 352 mm
Ambient temperature range 5 – 40 ºC
Ambient humidity range 10 – 95 %
Weight incl. oil 45 kg
Oil flow 38 l/m
Hydraulic oil temperature 20 – 60 ºC
Nominal pressure 120 bar
Pump type Helical rotor pump, directly driven from the motor shaft
Filtration 10µ filter in return line. Filter by-pass valve
Cooling system Water
Motor type Inverter controlled 3 phase PM motor
Input power 10 kW
Power supply 525V ± 10%, 50Hz, 12A
Socket PC1 5 pole, 3P, pilot +E
Electrical safety Earth supervision, earth in cable screen, installed with a residual current device
IP class IP66
Part number 8311030420
Noise declaration statement
Sound power level guaranteed (2000/14/EC) 90 Lw. dB(A)
Sound pressure EN ISO 11023 74 dB(A)
Suitable for rock drill
Hydraulic rock drill RD100
Suitable pusher leg
Water powered pusher legs PL70, PL100, PL120, PL150