Purpose is the answer!


Newton’s third law states, “to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It defines what the forces do and how they react. But ever thought why that action occurred in the first place? It is the ‘why’ that gets you closer to the purpose. Knowing what we need and how to achieve it is the basic to thrive. But knowing ‘why’ delivers a better understating of our intent behind those actions.

Purpose Infographic with text
Know our Group’s purpose
Our purpose is to develop industrial ideas that empower our customers to grow and drive society forward; this is how we create a better tomorrow.

Since its inception, this purpose statement has been an integral part of the Group and a guiding force. It continually empowers us to better the way we do things and continue our 150-year-old heritage.

Purpose with an impact
It is a conscious expression of the way an organization intends to evolve and transform itself. Ours expresses a solid intent to usher generations into a better future by engineering ideas that help our customers grow and provide an impetus for societal progress. It has influenced us to integrate sustainability in our strategies and help deliver a positive impact on our people, profits, and the planet.

While it continues to nurture the feeling of belonging in our people, it also tutors us to contemplate the value of what we deliver. It compels us to practice before we preach, think before acting, and put the greater good before self. Earning us sustained loyalty, consistency, and relevance in consumers’ lives, our purpose goes far beyond financial performance.

Now that we have known about the purpose, it is inevitable to find ways to fulfill it. Our 3 core values are connected to it, and here’s how they help fulfill it.

Fulfilling the Purpose through core values:
Innovation, Interaction, and Commitment are our company’s core values. These values define our business culture, guide us in everything we do, and most importantly, fulfill our purpose.


Innovation is a way of everyday life at Atlas Copco. It is deep-rooted in our DNA and doesn’t happen for the sake of it or by chance. It is a result of embracing challenges to deliver the real solution through industrial ideas. Our approach to innovation is about implementing new technologies, encouraging new initiatives, and ground-breaking processes that add to the customers’ growth. Innovation is about fulfilling the purpose of turning great ideas into business-critical benefits.


It answers the question of how do we drive customer growth. We constantly interact with them. Each customer has different needs, and solutions should be designed accordingly. To make sure our customers’ needs are addressed, we collaborate with them at every step. And together, we co-create solutions that not only address their needs but also empower them to innovate. Interaction is about fulfilling the purpose of enabling customer growth and driving society forward through our solutions.


It defines our intent of being a part of a solution for a better tomorrow. We constantly improve our way of working to drive customer growth, add to people’s well-being, and creating a better environment. Through sustainable products and services, we lower energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint and go forth to create a promising future for generations. Commitment is about fulfilling the purpose of bringing value and contributing positively to society’s challenges.

Purpose is the core differentiator and the driving force for an organization. It enables the business to evolve and create a lasting bond with its people. With a strong sense of purpose, it is possible to own loyal customers, highly motivated employees and contribute to the greater good of society.