QLT H40: Light tower – QLT H40


Customer benefits

  • Quick to erect – The QLT H40 light tower is easy to operate and extremely light and maneuverable, so your operators can easily position it at the desired location. The fully automated hydraulic lift raises the tower to its full height in only 15 seconds.
  • Safety – A handbrake safety release prevents movement of the tower while the mast is being hoisted. Four outrigger stabilizers provide support.
  • High efficiency – The metal halide lamp technology employed in our QLT H40 is one of the most energy-efficient ways of turning electrical energy into light.
  • Long lifetime – The expected lifetime of the four 1000 W metal halide lamps in normal operation is very long, and the failure rate is the lowest of all types of lamps.
  • High productivity up to 80 hours – Thanks to its 145-liter fuel tank, the diesel engine can operate continuously for up to 80 hours.

Powered by a Perkins diesel engine, Atlas Copco’s QLT H40 light tower provides outstanding light for your temporary work environments, sporting events and other situations. It’s based on a concept that has been successfully used in the market for a long time. With the QLT H40 you get everything you need to set up a temporary light source: a metallic enclosure with an electrical cubicle for control and protection; a hydraulically raised mast that extends vertically up to 9.2 meters and rotates 350°; stabilization legs; and an on-road undercarriage with brakes