Rotary Screw compressor


Rotary (or twin) screw compressor is widely preferred for large industrial applications in the food industry, automated manufacturing systems and to operate large high power air tools such as jackhammers, pneumatic pumps, riveting tools, sand blasting operation, industrial paint systems and impact wrenches. This compressor uses a rotary type positive displacement mechanism to provide large amounts of continuous and uniform supply of high-pressure air.
Advantage of such compressors over other air and piston compressors are numerous like they are convenient when continuous supply of high pressure air is needed, safe to operate, can operate continuously under extreme load and weather conditions without damaging other crucial components of the machine, energy saving and easy to maintain, runs quietly despite massive air flow, requires much lesser amounts of oil and are built to last for ages.
Basically there are two types of rotary screw compressor i.e the oil-free and secondly the oil-injected rotary screw compressor and another relatively new entrant is the conical screw compressor. Selection of the right type of compressor is important depending upon which type of application it is going to be used in. If there is no immediate need for oil-free compressed air, the more economic way is to go with an oil lubricated unit like an oil-injected screw compressor. Oil-free compressors carry a much greater cost. Although, there are traces of oil in compressed air, those can be cleaned up further by utilizing proper quality air product.