TEX 140PS: Pneumatic breaker (Hex 22×82,5) (7/8×3 1/4)


Features & benefits

  • Solid Body concept
  • Noise-reduction
  • SOFSTART™ two-step trigger
  • Rotating air inlet swivel
  • Integrated lubricator
  • Air cushioned piston


  • Service jobs
  • General demolition
  • For use in soft and medium material

TEX 140-280 is a range of light and medium sized breakers. They are ideal for service jobs and general demolition, but not for use in very hard materials or heavily reinforced concrete.


Technical Specifications
Breaker type Standard
Breaker Version Silenced
Shank Size (mm) Hex 22×82.5
Shank Size (inch) Hex 7/8×3 1/4
Weight 15.5 kg
Length 590 mm
Air consumption 25 l/s
Impact Rate 1530 blows/min
Vibration level 3 axes (ISO 28927-10) 15.2 m/s²
Sound power level guaranteed, Lw (2000/14/EC)* 104 dB(A)
Sound pressure level (ISO 11203)** Lp, r=1m 91 dB(A)