ZH 350+: Oil-free high-speed drive centrifugal compressors, 350 kW, 470 hp.


Customer benefits

  • Maximum energy savings – All components of the ZH 350+ are designed to save energy. The high-speed drive means no oil lubrication, no intermediate gears and fewer rotating components, all of which drive down energy costs. The backward leaning impeller and the carbon ring air seals are designed to lower the pressure drops and provide the highest air volume with the lowest energy requirement.
  • Advanced control monitoring – The compressor controller maximizes efficiency and reliability of the ZH 350+ by controlling the main drive motor and regulating system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band. The controller can be adapted to your specific needs with extra sensors, digital contacts, fieldbus, Internet and SMS communication functions. In combination with the ES multiple compressor controller, the operation of your complete compressor room is optimized.
  • Maximum uptime – All ZH 350+ components are easy to maintain, dismantle and re-assemble if required, thus reducing downtime. Advanced control and monitoring possibilities ensure that production interruptions are minimized. In addition, easily accessible major components, minimal service interventions and long overhaul intervals reduce maintenance time and costs.
  • Plug-and-run package – The integrated design of the ZH 350+ includes internal piping, coolers, motor, and control system: all supplied as a ready-to-use package. Installation is fault-free, commissioning time is low and no external instrument air is required. You simply plug and run.
  • Certified 100% oil-free – ZH 350+ compressors provide you with 100% pure, clean air that complies with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certification. CLASS 0 means zero risk of contamination; zero risk of damaged or unsafe products; zero risk of losses from operational downtime; and zero risk of damaging your company’s hard-won professional reputation. In 2006 Atlas Copco was the first manufacturer in the world to receive such certification on an oil-free compressor.

Atlas Copco’s ZH 350+ oil-free centrifugal compressors are designed to save you energy. Operating at high speed and high efficiency, they are directly driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Optimal 3-stage compression reduces operating costs to previously unattainable low levels. A further major benefit is that air is 100% certified oil-free according to ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010). With the ZH 350+ you get a complete plug-and-run package including internal piping, integrated coolers, motor, control system and 100% matched components.

Technical Specifications
Capacity FAD (l/s) 700 – 1100 l/s
Capacity FAD (m³/h, cfm) 2520 – 3960 m³/h
Working pressure 6 – 9 bar(e)
Installed motor power 350 kW