About Us

Kasi Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the Industrial Trading sector of Odisha. The company has served this role for more than two decades since 1989 under Managing Director Mr. Sunil Taneja and Director Mr. Kabir Taneja. From a small beginning, the company has now grown into 200 person company prevalent all over Odisha.

We deal in World class compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction, portable energy and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems, pump and valves for the oil & gas industry, covering all phases from production through refining, to transportation, distribution and first class coupler. The companies we deal in are as follows:

We have amongst our Customer’s Large, Medium, Small-scale companies along with public sector enterprises and multi-national companies working in the heavy earth moving sector.

Kasi Sales & Services Pvt Ltd is committed to maintain highest quality in standards and offer unbeatable prices. We boast a very high level of quality in after sales service through our vast network of branches.