Special Application Buckets

Our special application buckets offer solutions that meet the individual needs of the customer. With a wealth of experience in designing, testing and manufacturing quality buckets, our specialised buckets are the ideal solution to some of the more uncommon or arduous on-site tasks or for unusual and challenging applications.

We welcome all enquiries about specialised products and are always happy to offer advice and assistance. Below are some product examples that provide real site solutions that improve efficiency to our global customer base.

Wheeled Loader Bucket

We have over 3 decades experience in the quarry and mining industry and our expertise proves invaluable in the design and manufacture of our Wheeled Loader Bucket range. These durable designs are easy to maintain with the added assurance that the correct wear package is installed to withstand even the toughest application.

During the 30 years that we have been designing and building Wheeled Loader buckets, we have continued to refine the design, providing optimum productivity and durability.

Direct Mount Bucket

Our design reduces the area of the bucket that engages with the ground, creating less resistance than a conventional bucket during the digging cycle. All ground engaging areas are manufactured from high strength abrasion resistant steel alloy.

With years of on-site knowledge and manufacturing experience, our designs are continually re-evaluated to enhance machine productivity. The tried and tested Direct Mount Bucket is strong and durable with a unique design that can improve efficiency and productivity. Miller Direct Mount Buckets can be used either with a quick coupler or directly mounted to the machine.

The Scoop Bucket

The Miller Scoop is a revolutionary bucket that can maximise machine productivity, efficiency and profitability. This unique and patented design will optimise machine performance and lower operating costs. Specifically designed to be used with a Miller Quick Coupler, the Scoop has integrated bucket pins to reduce the pin to point dimension* and minimise the loss in breakout force that occurs when a quick coupler is installed.

The Scoop’s unique and patented design can maximise your work rate, lower your costs and optimise your performance.

The Scoop profile enables the bucket to cut through the ground more effectively with minimal resistance and drag. The self fill action gives an increased pay load. These combined benefits result in time and fuel savings.

* pin to point dimension = distance from the dipper arm to the tip of the bucket


We were established as a mobile welding service in 1978, specialising in on-site bucket repair and refurbishment. Even at this early stage our work ethic was evident in our determination to provide a second to none service. This standard formed the company’s foundation and remains the cornerstone of its ethos today.

In the early 1980s, having learned through repairing countless bucket designs the limitations of traditional buckets, we began to design and manufacture wheeled loading shovels and hydraulic excavator buckets. Over time the orders started to increase and more customers in the construction, mining and quarrying industries began to specify the Miller bucket.

Our commitment to produce quality, reliable buckets that could optimise machine performance soon became recognised throughout the industry and as the company’s profile and reputation was realised, Miller became a brand to trust.