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MMB series of solids-retaining separators

Mineral oils used in marine installations and power stations need purification and clarification for optimal efficiency. Clarification is an optional measure depending on its use. Purification and clarification (optional) are best done in the MMB Separation system.

The MMB series of solids-retaining separators is available in two models.

  • MMB 304
  • MMB 305.

Each MMB separation system comprises:

  • An MMB separator
  • Ancillary equipment consisting of connections and valve assembly
  • Optional equipment
  • Independent oil feed pump
  • Oil heating system, steam or electric
  • Water seal alarm MAWA-40


  • Compact, robust design
  • Internal paring disc for discharge of clean oil
  • Large sludge space
  • Belt-driven

Major benefits

  • Easy to install.
  • Requires limited space.
  • Pressurised discharge of clean oil. No need for a downstream pump.
  • Fewer service man hours.
  • Larger sludge space extends operating period between manual cleaning.
  • Lower maintenance and spare parts costs.


  • Distillates
  • Marine Diesel Oils MDO up to 13 cSt at 40°C
  • Lubricating oils for trunk diesel engines operating on distillates and light MDO
  • Lubricating oils for steam and gas turbines
  • Lubricating and hydraulic oils for hydroelectric power stations