AirROC D40: Surface down the hole rig


Features & benefits

  • Easily changeable from DTH to TH
  • Hydraulic cylinder track oscillation
  • No leaks and optimized air power requirement

AirROC D40 is a small pneumatic down the hole drill rig. With a compact design, it is perfect for drilling in inaccessible and narrow places, and an efficient choice for quarries and construction. It is easy to transport – light enough to be lifted by a helicopter – and very easy to set up and operate. Equipped with the powerful rotation unit BBR 4, it has a good drilling capability. Each track is powered by a hydraulic motor and a planetary gear drive.

Drilling method
Drilling method DTH
Air capacity (FAD)
Hole diameter 85 – 115 mm
Product series AirROC
Cabin (Y/N) No