CC 6000 U: Hydraulic combination cutters for carriers from 58 up to 85 t weight


Features & benefits

  • Universal jaws
  • Short opening and closing times
  • 360 degree hydraulic rotation
  • Tandem cylinders
  • Replaceable blades and theeth
  • Exchangeable jaws
  • CAPS Coupling And Positioning System


  • Cutting of masonry and reinforced concrete (U-versions)
  • Reduction of steel and reinforcements (S-versions)

The design concept of Atlas Copco Combi Cutters offers extremely high breaking force with short opening/closing time whereas breaking force is primer. It saves time, if material can be broken with only one bite instead of two. This means: less machine hours, less fuel consumption, less operator hours = less cost of ownership.

Technical Specifications
Carrier weight class 58 – 85 t
Service weight ** 6500 kg
Cutting force – upper blades 830 t
Crushing force, jaw tip 180 t
Oil flow 450 – 550 l/min
Operating pressure 350 bar
Closing cycle 4 Seconds
Opening cycle 4 Seconds
Max operating pressure, rotation 115 bar
Jaw opening, max 1400 mm
Jaw depth 1150 mm
Blade length 525 mm
Oil flow 50 l/min