DM25-SP: Rotary blasthole drill rig – Mid-range


Features & benefits

  • Can drill up to 50 ft (15.2 m) in a single pass, which saves drilling time on every hole
  • Raising or lowering the tower can be accomplished in less than one minute
  • Tower pinning is performed remotely from within the operator’s cab
  • The optional angle drilling package allows the tower to be positioned up to 15 degrees from the vertical position
  • The DM25-SP can be configured for low pressure rotary or high pressure DTH drilling.

The Atlas Copco DM25-SP is a crawler mounted, hydraulic table drive, rotary drilling rig specifically designed for production blasthole drilling to depths up to 50 ft (15.2 m) in a single pass without a pipe change. Tower options are available for both a 40 ft and a 50 ft clean hole tower. The DM25-SP is ideal in soft, non-abrasive applications suitable for kelly bar drilling and angle drilling is an option.

Technical Specifications
Product series Mid-range drilling rigs
Drilling method Rotary and DTH – Single pass
Hole diameter 102 – 178 mm
Hydraulic pulldown 111 kN
Hydraulic pullback 111 kN
Weight on bit 11300 kg
Single pass depth 12.2 m
Single pass depth, option 15.2 m
Maximum hole depth 12.2 m
Estimated weight 28 t
Hole diameter 102 – 178 mm
Maximum hole depth, option 15.2 m