HC 850: Hydraulic compactors for carriers from 9 up to 20 t weight


Features & benefits

  • Plug and play, no special installation required
  • Integrated input flow and pressure control to prevent overload
  • Flat top mounting bass for versability
  • Paractically maintenance free thanks to PermanentLube
  • Removeable base plate

The Atlas Copco range of hydraulic compactors covers a broad spectrum of applications and customer needs. They are designed for compacting soil, trenches and slopes and also for diving and extracting piles.With rig-mounted hydraulic compactors from Atlas Copco, there is no need for personnel in the direct area of operations, thus reducing noise and safety risks. Work in trenches in particular is made safer.

Technical Specifications
Carrier weight class 9 – 20 t
Service weight 880 kg
Oil flow 114 l/min
Operating pressure 150 bar
Vibrating force 7.3 t
Vibrating frequency 2200 n/min
Baseplate size (width) 710 mm
Baseplate size (length) 1272 mm
Plate coverage 0.68 m²
Height 764 mm