HX/HN: Oil-free reciprocating piston compressors, 30-560 kW / 40-750 hp.


Customer benefits

  • Oil-free – Thanks to their PTFE piston rings and long distance pieces, the compression chambers are perfectly oil-free. HX/HN compressors are the right solution when compressed air is in contact with the end product (drinkable water, gases).
  • Energy saving – Reciprocating technology ensures excellent volumetric efficiency and economic operation in terms of energy.
  • Flexibility – A wide variety of regulation systems adjust the flow rate according to the real utilization of the machine: by stepped regulation (valve unloading); by-pass valve; variable speed drive; or a combination of the above solutions.
  • High reliability – Low piston speed and low interstage temperatures preserve the inner parts of the machines. The horizontal design ensures a low vibration/pulsation for increased reliability. Design is close to API 618.
  • Adaptability to your application – We can adapt the machine’s internal parts and material to your gas composition requirements or to different inlet pressures. We can also adapt containers for rental equipment or in complete packages including dryer, filters and control panels. HX/HN compressors can work in difficult environments: outdoor, indoor, refineries, deserts (high inlet temperatures) and sandy environments.
  • Easy maintenance – Horizontal design – safe and comfortable for operators – long service intervals (up to 8000 h/year without service intervention).

Atlas Copco’s HX/HN oil-free reciprocating compressors are extremely reliable solutions for air, nitrogen, C0/C02, methane, hydrogen and argon. Designed for 24/24 industrial service, with minimal maintenance cost and long overhaul intervals, HX/HN compressors can work in a most efficient and cost-effective way under difficult site conditions.

Technical Specifications
Installed motor power 30 – 560 kW
Pressure Ratio Mini/Maxi 1 min
Air Nitrogen 150 bar
Argon, methane, biomethane 100 bar
Hydrogen, carbon monoxide 80 bar
Carbon dioxide 60 bar
Inlet pressure 0.04 – 50 bar
Outlet Flow/2 compression stages 130 – 14000 Nm³/h