SilverLine: Working tools for rig-mounted hydraulic breakers


Features & benefits

  • Special manufactured retainer bar area & chamfers
    to minimize retainer bar wear.
  • Special manufactured impact surface for piston
    protection and optimum energy transfer.
  • Adopted hardness to protect and increase lifetime
    of surrounded parts.
  • Special painting to prevent corrosion.

Advantage through performance SilverLine is the new virtuoso among interchangeable tools for medium and heavy hydraulic breakers from Atlas Copco. Designed for use under toughest conditions, a special combination of materials provides maximum resistance to external forces. A specially hardened jacket provides increased resistance to wear; it comes into its own particularly for abrasive materials and guarantees a significantly
higher service life for this precision component. SilverLine adds value by offering unmatched reliability in
continuous working applications. It offers increased wear resistance and longer service life. SilverLine shows its inherent qualites particularly when used on hard and abrasive types of rock, such like Basalt, Gabbro, Gneiss,Granite, Quarze or Sandstone.