T3W Water Well Drill: Water Well Drills


Features & benefits

  • Separate truck engine and a deck engine to power the drill
  • Hands-free holding wrench and foot-pedal activated top wrench increasing rig safety
  • Adaptive pipe handling that includes a carousel and single pipe loader, as well as drawworks and a hoist plug
  • Single 35 ft (10.6 m) derrick with 37 ft 5 in (11,400 mm) working clearance
  • On-demand power for improved efficiency

For over 100 years, Atlas Copco drills have had a major impact on the drilling community worldwide and have set the standard for quality, longevity, reliability, and performance. The T3W sits right in the middle of the Atlas Copco water well line. A combination of old and new technology on the T3W boosts productivity, efficiency and fuel savings while providing the familiarity and reliability you expect from an Atlas Copco drill. For more information about this new drill, click on the PDF-link to the right or visit your local Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions dealer.

Technical Specifications
Compressor pressure 24.1 bar
Compressor flow (text) 900 cfm or 1070 cfm (425 l/s or 505 l/s)
Deck engine Caterpillar C15, 475 hp (354 kW) at 1800 rpm Caterpillar C15, 575 hp (428 kW) at 1800 rpm
Pullback 18144 kg